Notepad++ is an actively maintained piece of software, and new versions come fast. There are basically three ways to keep abreast of changes:


If you use installation package, the Auto Update feature is enabled by default. Every 15 days auto-updater (WinGUp) will be launched for checking, and you will be notified if a new version is available. You are presented with the option of installing that newer version.

Upgrade Manually

Using the ? > Update Notepad++ menu command. This will check whether there is a new version and whether the safety delay is over. If so, you are presented with the opportunity to download and install the newer version.

Zip Package

Going to the main website and downloading the latest installer or zipped archive. The safety delay is provided so that, in case a critical bug is spotted on a new release, a corrective release is done quickly enough, preventing bad bugs to become widespread.

New version available but auto-updater find nothing

In order to avoid to spread a new version witch contains regression or critical bugs, we wait always for users’ feedback during one week,

WinGUp Project

WinGUp project was started for the need of Notepad++ for upgrading Notepad++ automatically. Then it’s become more generic solution for updating purpose. This project has been forked for more Notepad++ specific need so Plugin Admin can share its basic functionalities.